Funding Time

The Memes From Hell: The Next Cycle of Stories

If you were part of the original “Legal Termination of a Warlock” Kickstarter or a Patron over at Patreon, the Children of Loki cycle of stories is already completed for you.  Here at the Magic Detective website, the stories are on a 2-month delay.  That means the final installment will be dropping the the last Monday of December.

It also means it’s time to start planning and funding the next cycle of Hardboiled Magic stories.

The Memes From Hell will be a set of stories inspired by, and occasionally irreverent towards, popular memes of the last few years.  “Like what,” you ask?  Like these:


The way the Hardboiled Magic stories are funded is through crowdfunding.  You’ll get them first and you can read them as eBooks, not off some silly website.  You can pick up a book collection of The Children of Loki, and a character with your name will die a horrible death for the right pledge.

Head on over to Kickstarter for complete details.

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