The Children of Loki Cycle

  1. All The Dead Musicians
    Why were so many musicians suddenly dying? Why was a certain aging rocker infamous for his overindulgence still standing and the younger musicians weren't?  Something is very wrong in the music industry and this time it's not a publicity stunt in this sardonic tale of panicked music executives, pop stars acting out and a "consultant" specializing in unnatural events.
  2. The Curse of the Goat
    The baseball team was poised to go all the way, but there was a problem: they played in a cursed ballpark. As the curse spills out of the ballpark and into the drunken throngs surrounding it, an alderman obsessed with redevelopment is drawn into conflict with a sinister and entitled group of NIMBYs bent on a sports-free neighborhood. Mister Lewis has been hired to clean up the mess, but the Curse of the Goat wants blood.
    Legal Termination of a Warlock
    The tech startup really needs to fire somebody before the sexual harassment suits start dropping, so why not that employee they're sure is a warlock? After all, nobody wants an older employee at a tech company, but how do you document cause for termination on a warlock?
  3. The Gentrified Bodega
    The neighborhood was improving and people were dying to move in. Then their bodies were turning up in the back aisle of the bodega. The building wove a web of shady evictions, fake leases and unexplainable deaths. Can Mister Lewis discover the secret of the gentrified bodega or will the housing crisis be solved by mass attrition?
  4. The Hipster From Hell
    Consolidated Student Solutions has a problem. Their customer service reps are disappearing. Consolidated Student Solutions has a bigger problem: the unemployed folks behind on their loans are paying off the loans in full after talking to those customer service reps. Lost employees are one things, but lost profits are quite another. Can student loans be paid off in blood by making sacrifices at the altar of irony? Mister Lewis is called in to investigate whether the student loan industry is under siege by The Hipster From Hell.
  5. Surveillance From Beyond the Veil
    There was a security breach. Secrets were leaking. Strange men were sighted in the building, who then vanished in a burst of light.  Was this industrial espionage or was the company haunted?  Mister Lewis was summoned to find out if the company was under surveillance from beyond the veil and who would send the dead to rob the living?